The Interconnectedness of Life

The Interconnectedness of Life by Michael Lanfield with forword by Karen Davis, PhD and cover drawings by Raffaella Cosco

Foreword by Karen Davis, PhD
Covers by Raffaella Cosco

The Interconnectedness of Life is a book by Michael Lanfield, that explores humanities transformation from living by killing into living by loving. In order to live in a harmonious, loving and compassionate world amongst animals, the earth and one another, we have to awaken to our true selves and realize the underlying reason for the many human-made problems. Until we come to the realization that nonhuman animals are not here for us, but rather here with us, and realize that we need to stop seeing them as property, there will never be peace and love on this earth. If the bloodshed towards innocent creatures prevails – wars, environmental devastation, world hunger, disease, and sickness are inevitable.